Hijama Supplies

Quality of Cups

At Hijama Clinic we strongly encourage the use of good quality equipment for Hijama. In particular, the cups that will be used on the patient. Many cups appear very similar - but as we will demonstrate, they can differ greatly in quality, durability and comfort for your patients.

The type and quality of Hijama vacuum cups available on the market today varies greatly

The picture above shows some of the popular 'Cupping Kits' available over the internet today.

Manufacturing process

Many students on our Hijama course have asked questions regarding the manufacture of Hijama cups. So we thought we would journey to China and visit some of the factories and familiarise ourselves with the manufacturing processes.

Identifying good quality vs bad

On our Hijama course, students often ask what to look for in a good quality cup and whether or not it actually make a difference to the patient? The answer is simply yes. Watch the video below to see a brief history of the development of Hijama cups, their differences - and what you should look for as a therapist.

Counterfeit cups

Unfortunately there are many companies in China that will sell you inferior quality cups, inside premium packaging, hoping you will not know the difference. Essentially stealing another companies packaging design. Sometimes you can find on ebay and amazon etc, two cupping kits that look identical - yet the price varies greatly. And it is difficult to tell why or spot the difference. Until of course the kit arrives and you inspect the cups closely. The video below shows one example.