Hijama Course Certification - UK

A comprehensive 1 day Hijama course including theory and practical

Learn the techniques and benefits of Hijama therapy in a one day intensive Hijama course, delivered by the Director of Hijama Clinic and Certified Practitioners. Males and Females welcome.

Internationally recognised

Our course is one of the most well known internationally. Click here to see our list of therapists worldwide.

Online course - available worldwide

The online course contains the same syllabus as the 1 day course shown below.
For full details, visit the dedicated online course page here.

CERTIFICATION COURSE: Overview Hijama Cupping Therapy - 1 day comprehensive course

UNIT 1: Introduction to Hijama

  • History of Hijama and Cupping therapy
  • Different types of Cupping therapy (Wet, Dry, Fire and Massage)
  • Effectiveness of different methods of Cupping
  • The correct context for Hijama in Islamic medicine

UNIT 2: Hijama in Islam (Sunnah)

  • General Hadith (Prophetic tradition) referring to Hijama
  • Hadith regarding Hijama whilst fasting
  • Where to cup on the body and the 'Sunnah' points
  • Hadith regarding performing Hijama on specific days
  • Duas (prayers) to be recited before Hijama
  • Hadith regarding charging money for Hijama
  • Ruqyah (Black Magic) issues and the Hijama Therapist
  • Myths regarding blood properties and black magic

UNIT 3: Physiology and Anatomy

  • The Human skeleton
  • Blood production in the body
  • Hijama and limits regarding blood extraction
  • Hijama vs. donating blood
  • Muscle types and Hijama
  • Breathing, sweating and removal of body wastes
  • Dr Parkers study of blood drawn during Hijama

UNIT 4: Medical concerns for Hijama

  • Health and safety considerations for Hijama
  • Cupping on children
  • Cupping during pregnancy
  • Areas of the body to avoid cupping
  • Heart conditions and blood thinning medication
  • Haemophilia, Diabetes and Anaemia
  • Blood pressure and Cholesterol
  • First aid and the recovery position
  • How to deal with fainting

UNIT 5: Cross Infection Awareness

  • Understanding Cross Infection and its causes
  • Practices to reduce the risk of cross infection in Hijama
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Hijama
  • What to do in the event of contamination

Practical Session

  • You will be practising Hijama in pairs, working in a group setting
  • We will ensure that you are confident in practising Hijama before you leave

Additional features

  • Continued professional support & guidance
  • Continue to receive future course updates for free
  • Re-attend future courses for free
  • 'Forming a treatment plan' guidance document provided
  • Certificate of Achievement from Hijama Clinic

Enrolling now for 2024

Saturday 3rd August 2024 (Males)
Sunday 4th August 2024 (Females) 

Price: £475 per person
** Early booking price of £395 available, please call 07946 272133. **
Location: Holiday Inn Hotel, Luton, UK
Tel: (+44) 7946 272 133
Email: enrol@hijamaclinic.net
Please ensure you send the following details in your email of enquiry: Full name, Age, Male/Female, Address, Mobile number and Email address

Course dates calendar for 2024

Our Hijama Course is held many times throughout the year. Please contact us to book future dates.


Saturday 17th February 2024 (Males)
Sunday 18th February 2024 (Females)


Saturday 27th April 2024 (Males)
Sunday 28th April 2024 (Females)


Saturday 1st June 2024 (Males)
Sunday 2nd June 2024 (Females)


Saturday 3rd August 2024 (Males)
Sunday 4th August 2024 (Females)


Saturday 14th September 2024 (Males)
Sunday 15th September 2024 (Females)


Saturday 2nd November 2024 (Males)
Sunday 3rd November 2024 (Females)


Saturday 21st December 2024 (Males)
Sunday 22nd December 2024 (Females)

Course FAQ's

Can I really learn Hijama in one day?

Yes Hijama is simple, it has been practised by many cultures through the centuries. So we are not teaching something very complicated. However there are certain health, safety and medical standards which need to be observed by law and practitioners must be aware of.

What about the practical?

You will be performing Hijama on fellow course attendees and will make sure you are confident in practising before you leave.

Can I practise straight away?

Yes upon completion of the course you should be confident enough to practise straight away. And we continue to support you afterwards.

How should I prepare for the course?

The course starts at 9.30am until 6pm. Please get a good nights rest as the day is full on with theory and practical where you will be needing both your brain and body! If you are ok to have Hijama performed on you - please wear comfortable clothing that gives easy access to your back.
All equipment is provided.

I am coming from a distance, where can I stay?

Our course usually takes place at the Ibis Hotel, London Luton Airport. Many of our attendees travel from different countries and long distances within the UK to attend our course. Luton has excellent transport links and there are many hotels available to stay in.

Do I need to be registered with any other organisation?

Many new alternative therapy practitioners are often confused by the number of health organisations that are seeking their membership. However these organisations are entirely voluntary and it is not a legal requirement to be registered with any of them.
Below is a list of some well known voluntary health organisations in the UK:
GRCCT - The General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (http://www.grcct.org/)
ICNM - The Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine (http://icnm.org.uk/)
BCMA - The British Complementary Medicine Association (http://www.bcma.co.uk/)
FHT - The Federation of Holistic Therapists (http://www.fht.org.uk/home/)
CMA - The Complementary Medical Association (http://www.the-cma.org.uk/)
CNHC - The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (http://www.cnhc.org.uk/)

What if I have a question after the course?

You are more than welcome to contact us for ongoing support.

Do you have any testimonials?

Yes we have many people who have completed the Hijama Clinic cupping course who have gone on to set up their own practices. You may contact them to ask about their experiences on our course. Please take a look at our therapists page to see a list.

For all enquiries about our online course please email us at: enrol@hijamaclinic.net